Sleep mat for your baby

by Alyssa on April 18, 2013

Anyone out there getting ready for their first child?  If so we stumbled across an article today on a really neat product.  Parents often worry about their child most when they’re in the crib.  This is the time when a baby is most vulnerable due to not having minute-to-minute supervision from the parent.  Just like there is a new app for everything these days there is now an app for your baby’s crib.

Sleeping Baby 4-18

There is a product called the SleepMat which you lay in your baby’s crib.  This mat is meant to monitor your babies sleeping patterns and any time the child wakes up.  This can help put some parents at ease as they lay their baby in its crib and this device has an app with it as well.  If you’re an expecting sleepy check it out!

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